As communicated, is now deprecated and has been replaced by watchRTC. Please reach out [email protected] with any queries.


Essentials for Developers

0 €
  • 50K user minutes/month
  • 2 members
  • 1 apps
  • 1 days data retention
  • 10 simultaneous sessions1

8X8 Pro 1M

2399.0 € / month
  • 1M user minutes/month
  • 10 members
  • 5 apps
  • 15 days data retention
  • 500 simultaneous sessions1
  • Simple Notifications
  • Works with WebRTC-compatible endpoints3
  • Support for iOS and Android clients
  • Data protection compliance
  • Data storage location selection
  • Pre-call test analysis
  • Email support
  • Response time: 72H on weekdays

Overage Pricing per month

(when you go over the committed usage)
Price per event (EUR)
User minutes 4 0.0024€
Reporting Events 5 0.0024€
Notification Events 6 0.0024€
  • 1 A session represents a single conferenceID and may have multiple participants (indicated by unique userIDs).
  • 2 A WebRTC browser is capable of executing the WebRTC API natively or by utilizing the Temasys plugin. See full list of browsers with native WebRTC support.
  • 3 WebRTC-compatible endpoints (e.g., TURN servers, SFU, MCU, etc.) implement WebRTC-related networking protocols (e.g., SRTP, SRTCP, STUN, DTLS, ...) and not necessarily the API.
  • 4 The price is applied to user minutes over the committed threshold.
  • 5 Reporting Events: The events sent to service such as smart connectivity tests, user feedbacks, application error logs, SDPs, custom stats, etc.
  • 6 Notification Events: The notifications sent from service such as hourly notifications, end of call summary notifications, AI-assisted anomaly detections, user feedback, etc.